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Volume : 21   Issue : 2   Year : 2018
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  J Clin Psy: 21 (1)
Volume: 21  Issue: 1 - 2018
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1.Truth heals as much as it hurts
Burhanettin Kaya
Pages 5 - 6 (154 accesses)
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2.Psychiatric Disorders, Sociodemographic Features and Risk Factors in Children Driving to Committing Crime (Turkish)
Murat Eyüboğlu, Damla Eyüboğlu
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.02997  Pages 7 - 14 (369 accesses)

3.Socio-demographic and Clinical Features of Young Adult Males Using Synthetic Cannabinoid (English)
Taner Öznur, Havva Öznur, Abdullah Bolu, Cemil Çelik, Kamil Nahit Özmenler
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.07269  Pages 15 - 23 (204 accesses)

4.Re-examining psychometric properties of the Turkish form of the Guilt Inventory in a non-clinical and depression sample (Turkish)
Burçin Akın, Bikem Hacıömeroğlu, Müjgan İnözü
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.52523  Pages 24 - 37 (222 accesses)

5.The Mediating Role Of Coping Styles In Personal, Environmental and Event Related Factors and Posttraumatic Growth Relationships Among Women With Breast Cancer (English)
Zümrüt Bellur, Arzu Aydın, Emre Han Alpay
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.65365  Pages 38 - 51 (300 accesses)

6.Psychometric Properties of the Turkish version of Looming Maladaptive Style Questionnaire (LMSQ) (Turkish)
Ayşe Altan Atalay, Dilek Sarıtaş Atalar
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.44227  Pages 52 - 60 (192 accesses)

7.The Investigation Of Compassion Level Of Nursing Students In A Health College (Turkish)
Nurhan Çingöl, Ebru Çelebi, Seher Zengin, Mehmet Karakaş
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.65487  Pages 61 - 67 (326 accesses)

8.An examination of Gestalt contact styles, anger and anxiety levels of headache and non headache groups (Turkish)
Çiğdem Kudiaki, Nilhan Sezgin
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.42104  Pages 68 - 78 (206 accesses)

9.Evaluating group psychotherapy applications in the context of ethical rules (Turkish)
Cansu Alsancak Akbulut
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.36035  Pages 79 - 88 (244 accesses)

10.An Institution from the Western Middle Ages to the Present: Bethlem/Bedlam Mental Hospital (Turkish)
Abdullah Yıldız
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.52724  Pages 89 - 97 (203 accesses)

11.Charles BonnetSyndrome: A Case Report (Turkish)
Ayşe Çakır, Demet Sağlam Aykut, Filiz Civil Arslan, Ahmet Taner Uysal
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.02986  Pages 98 - 101 (276 accesses)

12.Valproic acid induced hyperammonemic encephalopathy: A case report (Turkish)
Ferda Apa, Figen Çulha Ateşci, Gülfizar Sözeri Varma
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.19970  Pages 102 - 106 (203 accesses)

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