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Volume : 20   Issue : 1   Year : 2017
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  J Clin Psy: 20 (1)
Volume: 20  Issue: 1 - 2017
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Burhanettin Kaya
Page 5 (120 accesses)
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2.The Relationship Between Early Maladaptive Schemas, Parenting Styles And Psychological Symptoms And The Needs Threats
Burcu Kömürcü, Gonca Soygüt Pekak
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.29292  Pages 6 - 18 (357 accesses)

3.Reflection of Symptomatic Improvement in Attention and Memory Functions in Patients with Schizophrenia
Duygu Yiğittürk, Burhanettin Kaya, Süheyla Ünal
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.21939  Pages 19 - 29 (299 accesses)

4.Sociodemographic And Clinical Characteristics Of Patients In The Kahta State Hospital Psychiatry Clinic
Aysun Kalenderoğlu
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.76476  Pages 30 - 36 (311 accesses)

5.Socio-Demographical And Clinical Characteristics Of Vaginismus Comparison With Other Female Sexual Dysfunction
Münevver Hacıoğlu Yıldırım
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.07379  Pages 37 - 44 (329 accesses)

6.The first interview with child ahead of reporting suspected child sexual abuse
Aynur Eren Gümüş
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.32032  Pages 45 - 58 (418 accesses)

7.Ergotherapy: A Job Field That Can Be The Job of Future
Onur Okan Demirci
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.41636  Pages 59 - 65 (343 accesses)

8.Treatment refractory or trauma overlooked? A case of EMDR responsive late onset PTSD
Alişan Burak Yaşar, Fatma Dilara Altunbaş, Ayşe Enise Abamor, Meliha Zengin Eroğlu, Çiğdem Çelik Yaşar
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2017.66376  Pages 66 - 69 (287 accesses)

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