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Volume : 22   Issue : 2   Year : 2019
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  J Clin Psy: 18 (3)
Volume: 18  Issue: 3 - 2015
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Burhanettin Kaya
Page 81
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2.Do Psychiatric Disorders and Treatments Affect the Driving Skills?
Burcu Rahşan Erim, Mehmet Yumru, Mustafa Sercan, Müjgan Özen, Eren Abatan
Pages 82 - 89

3.The Comparison of Burnout Levels in a Group of Medical Students in the Learnings Process: Does the Process of Medical Education Change the Burnout Levels
Osman Zülkif Topak, Cevriye Beyza Karan, Selma Nur Toktaş, Safiye Zuhal Gündoğmuş, Osman Özdel
Pages 90 - 96

4.The Reliability and Validity Study of Emotional Skillsand Competence Questionnaire (ESCQ-45)
Sevginar Vatan
Pages 97 - 106

5.Acute Onset Psychiatric Symptoms in Diabetic Patient: A Case Report
Buse Çağla Arı, Betül Özdilek, Gülay Kenangil, Füsun Mayda Domaç
Pages 107 - 110

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