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Volume : 22   Issue : 2   Year : 2019
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  J Clin Psy: 17 (2)
Volume: 17  Issue: 2 - 2014
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1.The Examination of the Social Anxiety Symptoms and Sociodemographic Characteristics on Panic Disorder Patients
Nilgün Öngider, Vildan Kavak
Pages 63 - 72

2.The Effect of Living with Family or Staying at Nursing Home on Depression and Anxiety Levels in a Group of Elderly Who Referred to an Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic
Serap Erdoğan Taycan, Fatma Duygu Kaya, Okan Taycan
Pages 73 - 82

3.Psychological Effects of Exposure to Pepper Gas on Individual and Community Mental Health: The Example of Gezi Protests
Okan Taycan, Tamer Aker
Pages 83 - 89

4.Factitious Disorder at Nine Years Old: A Case Report
İrem Damla Çimen, Nursu Çakın Memik, Özlem Yıldız Gündoğdu
Pages 90 - 97

5.Multidisciplinary Approach to Child Abuse: A Case Report
Muhammed Ayaz, Ayşe Burcu Ayaz
Pages 98 - 102

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