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Volume : 21   Issue : 2   Year : 2018
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  J Clin Psy: 14 (3)
Volume: 14  Issue: 3 - 2011
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1.Patients' Who Admitted to Psychiatry Clinic in a Anatolian City Explanation Models for their Illness and Help-Seeking Behavior
Gülcan Güleç, Fırat Ay
Pages 131 - 142 (513 accesses)

2.Temperament and Character Dimensions and Levels of Anger, Anxiety, and Depression in Persons with Myocardial Infarction
Haluk Arslan, Haluk Arkar, Zülfikar Danaoğlu
Pages 143 - 149 (505 accesses)

3.Conner's Teachers Rating Scale/ Revised Long: Assessing the Psychometric Characteristics of Turkish Children
Sema Kaner, Şener Büyüköztürk, Elvan İşeri, Aylin Ak, Latife Özaydın
Pages 150 - 163 (514 accesses)

4.Clinical Features of Patients with both Major Depression and Anxiety Disorders Episodes: A Comparative Study
Hasan Karadağ, Sibel Örsel, Ayşegül Kart, Buket Özcaltepe, Hakan Türkçapar, Enis Kayran
Pages 164 - 172 (619 accesses)

5.Investigation of Relationship Between Hopeless Level and Problem Solving Skills in the Aspects of Some Variables
Ömer Oğuztürk, Figen Akça, Gülçilem Şahin
Pages 173 - 184 (1807 accesses)

6.Very Late Onset Schizophrenia a Five Years Follow up of a Case
Oya Güçlü, Ramazan Konkan, Ömer Şenormancı, Hüsnü Erkmen
Pages 185 - 190 (520 accesses)

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