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Volume : 21   Issue : 2   Year : 2018
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  J Clin Psy: 12 (2)
Volume: 12  Issue: 2 - 2009
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1.The Analysis of the Relationship Between Type-A Behavior Pattern and Expression of Anger Among University Students and Its Comparison in Terms of Sex
A. Şebnem Soysal, Handan Can, Kızbes Meral Kılıç
Pages 61 - 67 (731 accesses)

2.Comparing Patients with and without Bruxism According to Depression and Anxiety in a Dental Clinic
Alev Kılıçoğlu, Gürel Pekkan
Pages 68 - 71 (259 accesses)

3.Are Bipolar I Patients Different from Schizophrenic Patients in Terms of Diabetes and Dyslipidemia Comorbidity?
Erhan Kurt, Gazi Alataş, Dilek Yeşilbaş
Pages 72 - 78 (283 accesses)

4.Stigmatization and Misinterpretations on ADHD and Autism: A Multi-Central Study with Elementary School Teachers and Parents
Koray Karabekiroğlu, Nursu Cakin-Memik, Ozlem Ozcan-Ozel, Fevziye Toros, Didem Öztop, Burcu Özbaran, Ebru Cengel-Kultur, Seher Akbaş, Gökçe NurTaşdemir, Muhammed Ayaz, Cahide Aydın, Tezan Bildik, Serpil Erermiş, Ali Kemal Yaman
Pages 79 - 89 (4171 accesses)

5.Anxiety and Depsession Levels of In-Patients According to Some Diagnostic Groups
Meral Kelleci, Dilek Aydın, Selma Sabancıoğulları, Selma Doğan
Pages 90 - 98 (1106 accesses)

6.Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after Terrorist Attacks: A Review
Altan Eşsizoğlu, Hüner Aydın, İsrafil Bülbül
Pages 99 - 104 (742 accesses)

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